Women On The Edge is a bi-monthly video art and writing exhibition series that celebrates feelings from the mundane to the extreme. Released here in themed weekly segments over the course of the month, our goal is to present work in the most subjective way possible – through emotion! As with everything we do in our daily lives we inherently drag our feelings and memories into any artistic experience. Women On The Edge seeks to embrace and elevate this subjectivity and counter the traditionally white/patriarchal idea that there is a universal way to create or engage art. There cannot actually be an objective standard and there never was, so let’s get deep down in the muck and splash around in the mud pile of our feelings together!  Additionally we aim to create a physical space for community along with this digital one so each exhibit will be accompanied by a clothing swap/fundraiser for an organization/person or people chosen by the month’s collaborators. Curated by Amber Dennis. $$$ We are funded through grants, generosity, and our own money and value equitable relationships, both financially and creatively, with all of our collaborators.